Meet our modular retail media platform

We offer a wide range of tools and solutions around retail media and beyond. You can use the full end-to-end solution or only parts of it.
ad serving
Ad Serving & Auctioning
user management
User Management & Permissions
ad ranking
Ad Ranking & Filtering
Reporting & Insights
Personalization & Discounting
Event Tracking
campaign management
Campaign Management
Billing & Invoicing
audience billing
Audience Building
audit log
Tenancy Management

Digital Advertising platforms
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Relevant & Impactful

Relevant Ads for your shoppers

High ROAS for your advertisers

Dynamic Target Audiences

Personalized Discounts
relevant & impactful

Flexible & Configurable

Supporting different use cases

Modular APIs

Configurable Placements

Custom Ad ranking and goals
flexible & configurable

Scalable & Automated

Auctioning/bidding system

High performant technology

Modular API infrastructure

Event Tracking
scalable & automated

& Real-time capable

Self-service interface

Real-time Reportings

Raw data access

Audit/Change Log
transparent & real time capable

Retail understanding meets great technology

retailmediatools is built on the modern MACH principles of best-of-breed technology platforms: Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud Native SaaS and Headless.
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Our digital product expertise has taught us to keep things simple. It only gets simple, when you expose the value and hide the unnecessary. This is how we build our APIs, in order to assure smooth integration, but also flexibility along the way.

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You might want to start with one use case or even only a specific feature of a certain use case. This is totally possible. Our platform allows you to pick and choose what works best for your current situation.

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Customer Focus

Your customer is our customer. Retail Media only works in a sustainable way, when the shoppers are happy. That's why our primary goal is to create a great shopper experience, while you - as our customer - are fully in control of how the system operates.

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White label self-service UI

Digital advertising has changed how advertisers book their campaigns: self-service and in real-time. This is also true for Retail Media. We provide a self-service interface for your brands, but you remain in control.

Most asked Questions

What is Retail Media?
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Generally speaking, retail media is advertising within retailer shops, sites and apps – usually based on shopping context (categories, search keywords, stores, customer lifecycle), first party purchase data and usually done by brands that directly sell products at the respective retailer. The most common use cases are "Sponsored Products", "Sponsored Search", "Display Banner Ads" or "Native Ads" that a supplier of the retailer can directly book at the retailer.

Who needs Retail Media?
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All big retailers will eventually need Retail Media to stay competitive. It is an additional high-margin revenue stream, that is right at the finger tips of big retailers. The key is to monetize the customer flow while not worsening the shopper experience. Retail Media remains currently the fastest growing segment of digital advertising as brands are eager to advertise as close as possible to the point of sale.

How can I start with Retail Media?
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While it might seem complex to start (as you need different systems for ad serving, segmentations, campaign management, self-service user interface, etc.) cloud software solutions like retailmediatools make it very simple to get started. Please contact us at, so we can help evaluating your use cases.

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Retail Media will continue to be one of the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising. If you want to join our journey, pls check our positions.

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