Our mission is to make retail media easy for retailers.

Retail Media is currently the fastest growing segment of digital advertising. While some retailers believe they are doing retail media already, we have a bigger vision of what any retail company can really achieve.

Retail Media means foremost that a retailer is selling ads (ie. product placements) on digital customer touch-points to suppliers, but in our point of view it must be:
• Automated and auction based
• Equally accessible for all suppliers
• Seamlessly integrated into shopper discovery

Only with these requirements we believe a retailer can leverage the full potential and generate a significant new revenue stream, that can make a big difference in an increasingly competitive landscape.
At the end it is a complete new business, that turns things around. Suddenly suppliers become customers of retailers and thus retailers need to provide a compelling offering, otherwise media budgets are spent elsewhere.

At retailmediatools our mission is to empower retailers to transform the way they create, manage and run impactful retail media solutions for their brands.
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Magnus Aufschild
Founder & MD

Our Strengths and Values

We heavily focus on our strengths Retail Expertise, ability to build great technology and Customer Focus. We can rely on them any time and they act as cornerstones along our company mission.

Our company values integrity, commitment and passion act as our moral compass at retailmediatools. They guide how we interact with each other, our customers, our partners, and the world.
Retail Expertise
Besides our love for great technology, we are retail and digital product experts. We don't just deliver great software, but also service and consult on how to build a great retail experience.
Flexible Technology
Retailers are all same same, but different. We build flexible technology that can adapt to different focus points of each of our client.
Customer Focus
At the end a retailer has one top priority, serving their customers. We always keep this in mind when building our system.

Ready to get started?

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